Nextgen Solutions 

from outdated dashboards... to automated deliverables

James M. Grasso

Elevating Energy Portfolio Management to a Higher Standard isn't a tag line, it's a mission.

nextgen portfolio management solutions
turning data-driven dashboards into revenue-driven deliverables


your services array into one, web based application that combines data and documents, budgets and reports, procurements and contracts, schedules and webmeetings, and contacts and communications.


your services delivery with price data feeds, real time quotes, email templates, report alerts, budget wizards, and process standards that add consistency, reliability, and reduce labor costs and complications.


your brokerage services offering with more comprehensive advisory, budgeting, purchasing, reporting, and audit services that separate your usiness from a commoditized pack of brokers.

a pilot program tailored to your needs


trial our SaaS solutions with an affordable 3-6 months pilot. Pricing begins at $2k per month, which includes custom branding, account setup for up to 3 users, and support. In less then a week sherpasoft will consolidate, automate, and expand your services array. It's time to elevate your energy portfolio management to a higher standard!

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